We provide a range of services tailored to you, ensuring that you receive a completely bespoke care package.


We offer a high quality administration system via our portal which all of our service users and staff have access to. On your own personalised portal you will receive up to date rota’s at least one month in advance this will allow you to enjoy your time and your support stress free!


Our years of experience and expertise mean that we are often in a good place to assist our service users, whatever their situation. We will work with you to ensure that you are achieving in all aspects of your life! We have varied experience dealing with Social Services, Heath Providers, Schools, Colleges, Universities and employers and are happy to assist so that you can reach your potential.


We understand how important having a bond with your personal care assistant is and we ensure that our service users are at the heart of our recruitment process. From essential criteria to lifestyle questions, it is important that our service users are completely happy and comfortable with the person providing their care.


We develop our training plans with our service users ensuring each session is planned around realistic every day routines and activities. We realise that every service user and every impairment is different so that we ensure that is reflected through your bespoke training programme. Our service users decide the pace and we make a joint decision as to when it is safe for a new personal care assistant to work alone within the team.


We specialise in working with individuals with neuromuscular conditions, because of this we have unique access to expert advice and guidance. We make it our business to stay informed around potential drug availability and general health advice that can make our service users lives easier.


At Care Preference we ensure that our service is affordable and accessible. There are many different avenues you can go down in order to receive care from us. Some people are fully funded but we also work for private customers that have decided now is the time that they need some extra or enhanced support.


There are a number of ways that you can fund your care package. These can be made up of a combination of funding bodies or simply from one source.


You can access care privately if you wish to do so. Care Preference often agree terms and contracts with individuals to suit their needs and their individual budgets.

Social Services

Subject to assessment Social Services can be approached to provide funding through Direct Payments. Individuals funding levels are determined by a needs assessment. We often work with individuals to guide them through this process.

Primary Care Trust

The health authority can also provide funding following an approach from social services. This can often lead to a joint funding package with Social Services if your care needs fall under the health banner.


With a number of benefits available for varying needs, applications can be made to a number of agencies to access funding for care. It is important to ask your Care Manager what these are and verify you are getting the level you need.


Whether it’s social housing, university halls, or private accommodation you are looking for we can help you source and move into new housing. Ensuring that it’ll suit your needs. We have varied experience working with local councils and institutions around adaptations and we will work with you to avoid financial penalties and aim for timely progression allowing you to move seamlessly into suitable accommodation offering maximum independence.

Unique Care

Care Preference offer a vastly unique service as we focus everything around our service users to ensure that their care is delivered to their standard, in their time by who they choose!

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