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We ensure that we meet your lifestyle needs, as well as your care needs.

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Contact us regarding your needs or current support package and we will arrange to visit you to discuss your requirements

Step two

We will start to recruit high-quality PA’s to meet your care and lifestyle needs

Step three

We will arrange bespoke training so that your PA’s are integrated into your routine

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Moving to Care Preference literally gave me my life back. Before Care Preference I had spent three years with an agency that didn't seem to care about the quality of their service. With Care Preference, my team leader knows me really well and she knows what works for me, what irks me and what I need to do to live a fulfilling life. I have agency, a voice and when things aren't working, I am listened to.


Care Preference changed my life! Before Care Preference I was severely underfunded and relying all of the time on friends and family. Neil at Care Preference he helped me to gain the funding that I needed so I was able to be completely independent in my own home with my young son! It gave me a new lease of life and made me feel like anything was possible!

KellyWest Midlands

Care Preference has been instrumental in improving my quality of life. From assisting in meetings with my local council in order to get my care plan in place, to finding a perfect PA who has slotted into my busy life as a full time working mum and wife.


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