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Sadly when attending client meetings we often meet people that are severely underfunded and often in bad situations. It can take years and many meetings with local councils, health professionals and sometimes even locals MPs to ensure appropriate funding. Whilst this is on going we often help by offering funding to people that would otherwise have to wait for this time to receive the care and support that they need and deserve.



Funded carers to support an individual with Friedreich Ataxia to go sit-skiing for 5 weeks in Whistler, Canada.

Care Support

Funded care support for individual underfunded by NHS for 3yrs while their appeal went through.

Care Support

Funded care support for an individual at Preston University while their appeal went through with local authority for funding to meet needs.

Support for Service Users

Funded support for numerous service users in work while their applications for Access to Work were considered.

Funding Carers

Funded carers to support service user on trip to Australia for powered wheelchair football event, including flights, accommodation and insurance.

Funded Transport

Funded a vehicle to provide transport to a service user who had become socially isolated due to lack of funding.