CARE PREFERENCE LTD offers value for money whether measured against other private care providers or local authority care options.


There are a number of ways that you can fund your care package. These can be made up of a combination of funding bodies or simply from one source.


If it’s the finest dedicated care you desire you can access this through agreeing terms of the contract to suit the financial commitment within your budget.

Social Services

Subject to assessment the Social Services can be approached to provide funding through Direct Payments to allow you to choose the care you want. The funding level will be at a level determined by a needs assessment. We can guide you through this to ensure you maximise the choices available.

Primary Care Trust

The health authority too can provide funding support as the result of an approach by the Social Services. This would necessitate a nursing assessment which, when completed, can lead to a fully funded healthcare plan or joint funding with the Social Services.


With a number of benefits available for varying needs, applications can be made to a number of agencies to access funding for care. It is important to ask your Care Manager what these are and verify you are getting the level you need.


Whether you need social housing, university accommodation or simply wish to purchase or rent your own place you will find a slow and drawn out process to secure adaptations and clarity as to whose responsibility it is to fund such. Our experiences allow us to guide you through these processes to best avoid any financial penalties as a result of institutional procedures.